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At it’s heart, Slow Yoga is about intentional living. Through weekly yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings we aspire to raise the level of consciousness within the individual to create positive social and environmental change. Cora Geroux is the founder and main teacher at Slow Yoga, but couldn’t do it without the dedication of her team of creatives and assistant teachers.

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A Simple Sequence For Deep Relaxation

Yoga is one of the best tools we have to deeply rest and restore the body, mind and spirit. I […]

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Why You Should Care About Your Nervous System

I’ve always been an anxious person, or at least since I’ve been an adult. When I was 18 I moved […]

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8 Reasons Yin Yoga Is Here To Stay

In the last few years, yin yoga has increased exponentially in popularity. What was once delegated to a single sunday […]

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Yoga Classes in Manly, Freshwater or Potts Point

Experience Cora’s unique mindfulness based slow yoga classes in person. View the timetable by clicking below.

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Teacher Training - Mentoring Program

In the slow yoga mentoring teacher training program we create a plan that is completely UNIQUE to you.

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Teacher Training

Slow Yoga is passionate about training high quality, confident and inspired yoga teachers. We have programs including yin, foundations and meditation.

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