What is slow yoga?


Slow yoga is a physical yoga practice & a philosophy that aims to connect yoga and sustainability through mindful living.

By connecting the individual to themselves, their community and the natural world we aspire to facilitate positive change on the individual, communal and environmental level. Slow Yoga believes that the tools of yoga naturally lead to the realisation that all things are interconnected.

We believe that our underlying sense of separateness and disconnection is the main reason that we are able to act in such unskillful ways towards ourselves, the planet and its other inhabitants. slow yoga aims to bridge the gap between creating positive change and transformation in the microcosm (the individual) and the macrocosm (the planet).

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At Slow Yoga we aspire to have everything we do align with our values:

Quality over Quantity

As a practice...


Slow Yoga is not so much about WHAT you practice, but rather HOW you practice.


We slow the breath, and seamlessly integrate our movements with the breath


We challenge the hectic pace of everyday life, by slowing down on and off the mat


We use our time on the mat as mindfulness training for the rest of our lives


We opt to do less,
but do it well


We choose long term sustainability in our yoga practice and postures, rather than short term achievement

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About Cora Geroux


2009 – 2011 – I help thousands of people find physical and mental health through teaching yoga full time in Vancouver. However, I feel disillusioned with the ‘yoga world’ – as the physical fitness we promoted as yoga didn’t sit right with me. I wanted something deeper.

2010 – Met an amazing man, who happens to be Australian. Life changed forever.

2011 – In October, we move To Sydney, and I attend my first 10 day Vispassana retreat a few days later. Mind officially blown. I question everything.

2011 – I stop teaching yoga. Get a job in a pub serving beer and $7.90 steaks 5 days a week. Curiously, one of the happier times in my life. I attribute this to the amount of effort I put into not getting depressed that I worked in said pub, serving cheap steaks – and my totally lack of striving.

2012 – After 6 months off from teaching – my 50 something coworker at the pub, Steve, encourages me to go back to teaching yoga. He just happens to have been a yoga teacher for over 30 years in Melbourne, before retiring from yoga and working in his brothers pub. I begin finding classes throughout Sydney, and feel a new sense of freedom in the yoga community. What…you don’t care what or how I teach? Excellent.

2012 – I become a published writer for the first time. Thanks Elephant Journal.

2013 – I launch Cora & Bodhi.com – my first real website where I write a blog that people actually read. I begin mentoring new yoga teachers – and get even more clear on what yoga and sustainability means to me.

2015 – I get asked to create, organise, and teach a 200HR teacher training program in Sydney. I also create and teach a 20 HR Yoga Nidra teacher training. Biggest career challenge to date. Scary, and in the end, fucking awesome. I run myself into the ground, and seriously compromise my physical health. Infection after infection forces me to recommit to living a slower, more spacious life.

2015 – I bring my passion for mindfulness, yoga and sustainability together to form Slow Yoga.

2016 ….