Chakra 6 – Ajna – Symbolic Sight


Chakra 6 – Ajna translates into ‘to perceive and command’ and is our third eye, located in the eyebrow centre (between and slightly above the brows).

Ajna is the home of our intuition, vision, imagination and symbolism. It is where we encounter symbolic sight – the ability to ‘see’ or know things without having direct access to that knowledge through the physical senses.

The purpose of the 6th chakra is to look inward, and to create meaning through what we see both within and around us. It is here that we encounter the world of archetypes, myth, pattern recognition, insight and self reflection.


If Ajna is balanced we have a strong sense of intuition, with the ability to apply and act on the information that we receive. We can be imaginative and creative and have a strong vision for the future. We are able to see symbolism and pattern within events, people, places and things – but also to calm the mind and see clearly. We have a good sense of self knowledge and are easily able to self reflect.

If Ajna is deficient we can have difficulty imagining or visualising, and find it hard to envision that things could be different than they are. We may have poor dream recall and trouble creating a vision for the future. We will be out of touch with our intuition, and can be the opposite of conscientious. It can be hard to see others’ point of view, and there may be a strong tendency towards denial, about our own or others situations. We may have poor metacognition, meaning that we do not really know how we think or feel, or have poor knowledge of the self in general.  A deficiency here can lead to an over reliance on ‘rational thought’ and a closed mindedness about spirituality.

If Ajna is excessive we can be plagued by nightmares, visions and at the extreme – hallucinations. 6th chakra excess is usually linked to deficient lower chakras, and leaves people with a heightened sense of intuition, but without the ability to ground the information. To quote Anodea Judith – A person with a 6th chakra excess tells you “they are going to make a fortune with their new project, without being able to pay this months rent, or they are fantasising about their wedding with a person they have only dated a few times.”  People with an excess in the 6th chakra may become ‘channellers’ or experience astral travel, because without the energy of balanced lower chakras it is easy for them to leave their bodies, or let other energy permeate it.

Heal & Balance Ajna 

Ajna chakra is well and truly in the realm of the mystical and spiritual, and thus much of the work done to open this chakra is symbolic. However, there are a few very practical things that you can do to begin to work with the 6th chakra. Most people in our society fall on the deficient side of this chakra, as it’s not always accepted that intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual sight even exist.

It should be noted that it can seem exciting and intriguing to open to the world of the 6th chakra (intuition, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming) but it is vital that you do so only when you have a strong foundation in the lower chakras. The energy of the upper chakras MUST be grounded with a solid foundation in chakras 1-3 in order to remain stable and emotionally balanced.

One pose that is great to work with no matter which side of the spectrum you fall is child’s pose. Childs pose, when the forehead (eyebrow centre) makes contact with the earth brings awareness to your 6th chakra. It works simultaneous to open and ground the 6th chakra. While you are in child’s pose, focus your attention on the sensations you feel, or any thoughts, images or feelings that come up while your forehead makes contact with the floor.

Both deficient and excessive

Balasana ( Childs Pose ) – pictured above

Deficient focus on opening the third eye and bringing awareness to visualisation, imagining, dreaming

Guided Visualisations 

Focused Attention Meditation – the mind first must be able to focus single pointedly before images, and impressions can be accurately interpreted.

Dream recall – upon waking write down what you can remember of your dreams

Excessive – focus on grounding your energy by holding these poses for up to 2 minutes

Any Hatha (physical) yoga practice

Malasana (yogic squat)

Tadasana (mountain pose)

Strengthen chakra’s 1-3

Earthing – Making physical connection with the earth – for example – going outdoors barefoot

My Personal Work With Ajna Chakra

While I have never dipped to the extreme of hallucinations, growing up my Ajna chakra tended to be on the side of excess. I suffered from vivid nightmares on a very regular basis up until a few years ago. On occasion they even still creep in to my subconscious. Most of the time I have strong dream recall, and visualising and fantasising come as second nature to me. I find it hard to understand people that do not have a vision for themselves, their projects or their future. However, it is often hard work for me to turn my vision into reality and I tend to enlist the help of others for which that is their strong point.

If left to my own devices I can easily spend hours day dreaming, vision boarding or curating beautiful images on pinterest. Two of my core desired feelings are beauty and sacred, both of which come from having a strong 6th chakra. I am in touch with my intuition, but in the past have found it hard to act upon. On every single report card I received in elementary school I was attributed the quality of ‘extremely conscientious’ – and often felt hyper aware of the situation and energetic dynamics around me.

Having a strong 6th chakra has given me a very clear vision and direction for myself. I know what I want, how I want it to look and the details of my 5 year plan. However, it can be painful when there is a discrepancy between my future vision and where I currently find myself. I have found the practice of focused attention meditation (ie. where you focus on one object, constantly, and lovingly brining your attention back when it drifts) has been exceptionally helpful at allowing me to get grounded enough to turn my dreams into reality. Hatha yoga has also helped me connect to, and strengthen my lower chakras – so I have a stable base upon which to build my vision.

Are you able to access your intuition? Do you have a clear vision for your future? Or do you find it hard to get in touch with symbolic sight? I would love you hear your story – leave a comment below!




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