Chakra 7 – Sahasrara – The Divinity Within

Chakra 7 – Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra, is the last chakra in our energetic system that we will discuss. If you are interested in exploring the higher chakras, check out the work of Belinda Davidson.


Sahasrara is the realm of consciousness, awareness, the witness, divinity, higher intelligence, and meaning. The crown chakra is not located within the physical body, but exists above the head.

One definition of consciousness that I find useful is ‘ a unified field in which all of existence is embedded’.  By working with, and opening the crown chakra  through meditation, spiritual practice and mindfulness, we can gain access to this universal field of intelligence. The primary function of the 7th chakra is to derive meaning.

“The act of individual consciousness reflecting upon it’s own immensity is the mystery of the crown chakra. To realise that consciousness flows through every quantum of life around us, and to behold the same presence within our own consciousness, this is enlightenment.” – Anodea Judith


If Sahasrara is balanced we are aware of the divinity that resides within, and around us at all times. We are connected to our witness consciousness, without losing touch with the reality of our bodies in this lifetime. We know our true nature – as a child of the universe, and therefore are not defined by personal or cultural dramas. An example of a person with a fully balanced and open 7th chakra is the Dali Lamma. This is the ultimate goal of yoga & meditation.

If Sahasrara is deficient we often hold rigid, and narrow views. We may find it hard to learn about or accept beliefs that are different than our own. Other people may see us as a know-it-all, as someone who would rather be right than happy. We may have a strong belief in our limitations, or the limitations around us. We will be operating on unexamined beliefs. A deficient 7th chakra can leave us closed off to spirituality and the possibility that more exists than can be perceived with out 5 senses.

If Sahasrara is excessive we live in our heads and can find it difficult to connect with the reality of the body. An excess in the 7th often occurs with people who are highly intellectual at the expense of balancing the energy of the mind with that of the heart, body and emotions. When there is too much information and knowledge in the mind, without the grounding currents of the lower chakras, there can be a strong sense of overwhelm, and if chronic and sever can cause a break with reality.

Heal & Balance Sahasrara 

For the most part, we are deficient in our 7th chakra. On a whole, we are not in touch with the divinity that lives within and around us at all times. We live in a world where are beliefs our so ingrained in us, that we do not even recognise how they shape our reality. Therefore, most of us can benefit from work to open our 7th chakra, but that being said, we must have a strong sense of balance in our lower 6 chakras, in oder to stay connected to the grounding current of the earth.


Meditation  – to develop stillness and concentration.

Mindfulness –  simply paying attention to what is happening, while its happening

Examine Beliefs – our beliefs create our reality. The 7th chakra is the place to examine, adjust, let go of, and create new conscious belief patterns.

Let Go Of Attachment – to a certain outcome, instead build faith in the intelligence of the universe

Headstand/Inversions – can literally cause a  shift  in our perspective, and increase blood flow to the brain


Hatha Yoga – any physical practice that gets in touch with the body

Grounding Meditation – mindful body scan mediation

Connecting With Nature – spend time with mother earth

My Personal Work With Sahasara Chakra

One of my favourite books in the world is Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith, and much of the information in this chakra series is taken from my understanding of her work. There is a story in her chapter on the 7th chakra that exemplifies my experience with Sahasarara chakra while on a Vispassana Meditation Retreat.

Imagine that life, in all it’s complexities can be views as a river.

” We begin by sitting on the river bank and watching the water flow by. This represents the rational system, where knowledge comes through science and other logical, empirical means… but as we lean closer and closer to the water in an attempt to understand its deeper mysteries we eventually fall in. Immersed in the river, our perspective shifts dramatically. This plunges us into the mythical system…when we fall into the river we shift from observation to experience…As we enter the mythic consciousness, the rational system does not disappear but is transcended by a deeper experience.

Before I went to my first vispassana retreat, I held a great deal of spiritual skepticism. I wanted to believe, I was drawn to spirituality, but there was just something missing – personal, first hand experience.I was on the banks of the river looking in.

During my 10 day silent retreat I had some pretty intense spiritual experiences that pushed me into the river. I began to understand my true nature not by talking about it, or reading about it, or attending lectures, but by getting wet.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this chakra series as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.




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